Mentoring Resources

Are you looking for a Mentor?

Welcome to the Asset Management Council’s Mentee Matching Service! This unique opportunity is designed for our members who are seeking to enhance their careers in asset management by connecting with experienced professionals. As a member of the Asset Management Council, you have the exclusive chance to be matched with a mentor who can offer valuable insights and knowledge, directly contributing to your professional growth.

Our service is focused on facilitating these initial connections. Upon being matched, we will provide a list of resources that you may find useful throughout your mentoring experience. It’s important to note that the extent of our involvement is to match you with a suitable mentor based on the information you provide; the journey from there is yours to navigate.

If you’re eager to take a significant step in your career within the asset management community, we encourage you to click here and share some details about your professional aspirations and goals. This information will assist us in finding a potential mentor match that aligns with your career development needs. Let’s get started on connecting you with the mentorship that can help shape your future in asset management!

Pre-Mentoring Relationship

Objective: Prepare mentors and mentees for a successful partnership by setting expectations, goals, and understanding the mentoring process.


For Meetings

 Objective: Facilitate effective and productive meetings between mentors and mentees.



Objective: Offer guidance and best practices to maximise the mentoring relationship’s effectiveness and satisfaction.


Post-Mentoring Relationship

Objective: Provide guidance on how to conclude the mentoring relationship positively and how to leverage the experience for future growth.


We're looking for Mentors

The AMCouncil mentor match initiative aims to connect mentors with mentees, facilitating valuable professional relationships within the asset management community. We are actively seeking experienced and passionate individuals to enrich our mentor pool. Whether you’re a newcomer to the AMCouncil or have been involved in past mentoring efforts, we invite you to submit your details below.