The Asset Management Council was delighted to host an engaging and informative event organised by our Sydney Chapter, with a special thanks to Katherine Xie for her leadership.

The evening featured a distinguished panel including Irina Tyan from Sydney Trains, Madeleine English from KPMG Australia, Braeden Knox from WSP, and Amel Tokalic from UGL Regional Linx, with Katherine Xie from the AMCouncil YAMP Committee serving as an exceptional facilitator.

The discussion spanned a variety of contemporary topics such as AI, sustainability, diversity, and the interdisciplinary nature of asset management. Highlights included valuable insights on the importance of developing soft skills in an AI-driven world and the necessity of regular, hands-on engagement with our assets. With such talented young professionals leading the way, the future of asset management looks promising.

Special thanks to Tammy Falconer and Stephen Poropat for the following photos capturing the event: