Last night, the Asset Management Council’s Melbourne Chapter hosted an engaging technical meet titled “Different Contexts – Same Problems: A discussion about how AM is undertaken in Australia vs the UAE.” This insightful event featured a presentation by Travis Soutter, Managing Director of Concordia Asset Management. Travis guided the attendees through a comparative analysis of asset management practices in Australia and the UAE, highlighting how both regions, despite their distinct landscapes, regulatory frameworks, and economic conditions, face similar challenges.

Through detailed case studies and industry examples, Travis illustrated how asset managers in both countries can learn from each other’s strategies, fostering innovation and collaboration. This discussion underscored the universal nature of asset management issues and showcased unique approaches to overcoming them, providing valuable insights for practitioners globally.

Thanks to the Melbourne Chapter for pulling this together, namely Chair Andrew Sarah, committee member Shane Scriven, and Vice-Chair Himanshu Jindal who did a wonderful job facilitating the evening.

For members after a copy of the slides, find them through

Here are some photos from the event, capturing the lively discussion and exchange of ideas that took place.