Last week, Auckland hosted an enlightening event titled “Innovating Infrastructure: From Data-Driven Decisions to Climate-Resilient Development in New Zealand.” This pivotal gathering brought together industry leaders and innovators for an evening dedicated to the future of urban and transport infrastructure in the face of climate change and technological evolution.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from the AMCouncil NZ Chapter, setting the stage for a series of presentations that delved deep into the integration of digital strategies and environmental foresight in asset management and infrastructure planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Environmental Insights in Asset Management: Adele Jones, stepping in for Rowan Dixon, alongside Jason Blac from WSP, captivated the audience with their presentation on “Preparing for the Worst: Asset Management with Environmental Insights.” They shared the groundbreaking work done in collaboration with Hastings District Council, emphasizing the role of digital climate data in enhancing infrastructure resilience. Their insights into the digitization of the Toitoi Arts and Events Centre and the adjacent Municipal Building showcased the transformative potential of Asset Information Models (AIM) in fostering climate-resilient urban spaces.
  • Future-Ready Transport Systems: Shaun Lion-Cachet from Invise Ltd took the stage to discuss “Cracking the Transport System: A National Future-Ready Approach to Consistent Condition Data Collection.” His talk highlighted the collaborative efforts towards a unified methodology for pavement and surfacing condition data across New Zealand. The initiative, aimed at improving lifecycle asset management and decision-making, marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient transport infrastructure.

The evening concluded with the AMCouncil NZ Chapter AGM, where discussions on future projects and collaborations continued to buzz among the attendees.

This event not only showcased innovative approaches to infrastructure challenges in New Zealand but also reinforced the importance of collaboration across sectors to achieve sustainable and resilient urban and transport systems.

Stay tuned for more insights and breakthroughs as we continue to navigate the path towards innovative infrastructure development in New Zealand.

Missed it? AMCouncil members can catch up with the presentations which have now been uploaded to our AMBoK. Check them out at