The GFMAM – Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management – comprises 14 member societies from different countries across the world.  These societies encompass professionals across varied industries, each brining distinct perspectives, practices, and levels of expertise to the field of Asset Management.  This expensive geographic and industrial coverage positions GFMAM uniquely to gather insights and data on key topics within the Asset Management sector.

To leverage this collective wisdom and experience, GFMAM has crafted a survey aimed at capturing the extensive knowledge of its member societies,  This survey offers an all-encompassing view of Asset Management practices, hurdles, trends and maturity across various regions.  We invite you to participate in his brief survey and add your voice to this worldwide conversation:

The information gathered will be thoroughly analysed and shared in a free report.  This document will not only mirror the current state of Asset Management in the represented areas but also act as a tool for benchmarking, strategic planning, and predicting future trajectories in the Asset Management domain.