Spare Parts Management

Every organisation has a love-hate relationship with spare parts. In the red corner is the operational and maintenance teams who relish the plentiful availability of spare parts and who feel the heat when stock keeping levels are reduced. In the blue corner is the financial and accounting teams who feel the spare parts burning a hole in their preverbal balance sheet pockets when it some to reporting season.

An Introduction to Spare Parts Management

Shane Scriven, Managing Director, SAS Asset Management Pty Ltd

From identification, decision making to maintaining, optimising and managing obsolescence of spare parts, this webinar will introduce how and why spare parts management is an essential piece of any organisation’s asset management puzzle.

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Spare Parts Availability, Optimisation & Decision Making

Ian Bradley, Principal: Asset Capability, Water Corporation

Ensuring the right amount of spares are available at the right time is key to optimising spare parts but how do you make a decision about what is right? This webinar will discuss questions such as how much do we need?, when do we need them? and how do we know if we’re right?

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The maintenance of spares, managing obsolescence and supportability and change management

Craig Taylor, Principal Owner, Casmat Engineering Pty Ltd

Once an organisation has the spares on the shelf how should they be maintained to ensure they’re in good condition? How will their currency and obsolescence be managed and what change management processes are required to support this? This webinar will explore these very real topics and how to avoid the need for a corporate eBay account.

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Spare Parts Management – Worked Examples

Allan Little, Asset Integrity Superintendent, Rio Tinto; Ian Bradley, Principal: Asset Capability, Water Corporation; and Craig Taylor, Principal Owner, Casmat Engineering Pty Ltd

This webinar will explore real-world applications of the topics and approaches demonstrated throughout this webinar series.

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