20 to 22 April 2020

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AMSPEAK is the virtual place to find lively discussion on emerging topics of interest in asset management, interactive sharing of new ideas and knowledge, and finding of practical solutions to take and use in your workplace.

Log on and hear from asset manager experts from across all industries and take part in interactive sessions, designed to create a conversation around specific aspects of asset management.

Why attend?

  • This 3-day live online event is a mecca for learning with opportunities to expand your knowledge base
  • Keep current while adding 16 points to your continuing professional development
  • Interact with most presenters and ask questions in real time
  • Keep your AM brain switched on

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  • Access to the 3-day live stream
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AM SPEAK Program

Timings are approximate.

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All sessions will be recorded and available for registrants to watch for the next 2 months.

  • 8:55am


Session 1A
Challenges for AM Leaders

  • 9.00am

Opening remarks

  • Ian Maxted
    AMCouncil Board Member and Chief Development Officer at Broadspectrum
  • 9.10am

Reducing the risks of innovation in asset management

  • Dr Monique Beedles
  • 9.40am

How Will Future Generations Judge the Decisions we Make Now? This Paper Will Explore how Asset Management Leadership Involves Bringing Together People, Technology, Built Assets and Natural Assets to Make Wise Decisions That Benefit Future Generations.

  • Jeffrey Roorda
  • 10.10am

Changing the Asset Management Conversation

  • Mark Rippon
  • 10:40am

BREAK Morning Tea

Session 2A
Tools Systems Models

  • 11.00am

What Level Of Maturity Represents Best Appropriate Practice and What Is A Way To Achieve It Cost Effectively?

  • Roger Byrne
    Durban Municipality
  • 11.30m

Bringing Technical and Finance Teams together with Asset Management

  • Alistair Mills
    Pacific Hydro
  • 12.00noon

Strategic Asset Management Plan Development

  • Stephen Renshaw
  • 12:30pm


Session 3A
Building the Right AM Objectives

  • 1.30pm

How to Build the Right Asset Objectives

  • Alan Bellrose
    Veritas Asia Pacific
  • 2:00pm

Lost direction or unsure where to start with your maintenance management process. Asset Criticality, helping to build the right objectives to empower the development of a Planned Maintenance program. The first step along the road to a successful maintenance management system.

  • Shenan Daniels
  • 2:30pm

Managing the challenges between asset procurement and asset performance phases of an asset's life

  • Andrew Wheatley
    Army Aviation System Program Office
  • 3:00pm

BREAK Afternoon Tea

Session 4A
Maintaining ISO55001, Agility and AM Maturity

  • 3:30pm

Integrating ISO 55001:2017 with other ISO Systems

  • James Riddle
    BSI Group Australia
  • 4:00pm

Australian Southern Rural Water’s Asset Management Maturity Journey

  • Frederic Blin, AECOM
  • Amos Micallef, Southern Rural Water
  • 4:30pm

What does enterprise agility mean for AM?

  • Jason App
    ARMS Reliability
  • 5:00


  • 8:55am


Session 5B
Challenges for AM Leaders

  • 9.00am

Stakeholder engagement across a diverse asset portfolio - Our journey so far

  • Marissa Cross
    Gladstone Regional Council
  • 9.30am

How to Rationalise Assets for the Popular Vote

  • Mary Irwin
    Southern Grampians Shire Council
  • 10.00am

A Citizen Focused Approach: A Canadian Case Study on Evaluating a City’s Asset Portfolio

  • Ted Mulyk
  • 10:30am

BREAK Morning Tea

Session 6B
Leading for success

  • 11.00am

The impact of budget setting practices on cost efficiency and predictability – Case study: Utility renewal projects in Australia

  • Michael Lesnie
    Qubist Pty Ltd
  • 11.30m

System Engineering Approach to Asset Management system Design and Integration: A Case Study of Yarra Trams

  • Dr Allen Tam
    Keolis Downer – Yarra Trams
  • 12.00noon

12 Rules for Successful Asset Management - Seeing the Wood from the Trees

  • Aneurin Hughes
  • 12:30pm


  • 1.00pm

Asset management leadership & culture challenges

  • João Lafraia

Session 7B
Building an effective AM Competency Framework

  • 1.30pm

Asset Management Capability

  • Andrew McAlpine
  • 2:00pm

Building an effective asset management competency framework

  • Sudheer Vyas
    Sydney Trains
  • 2:30pm

A Global competency certification scheme for asset

  • Tom Carpenter
  • 3:00pm

BREAK Afternoon Tea

Session 8B
Building better AMS Frameworks

  • 3:30pm

Optimisation of preventive maintenance regime based on failure mode risks modelling

  • Theyab O Alamri
    RMIT University
  • 4:00pm

An Integrative Railway Asset Management Framework Combining RAMS-LCC-SD

  • Dr Wen Hang

  • 4:30pm

Department of Transport - Whole of Life Value Framework

  • Gurwinder Singh
  • 5:00pm

Redefining short term lifecycle models

  • Hanbit Cho, Assetfuture
  • Darren Chuang, Assetfuture
  • 5:30pm

Application of Reliability Centred Maintenance on Existing Assets for Formulation of Optimal Maintenance Strategies

  • Erik Vandenberg
  • 6:00


  • 8:55am


Session 9C
Assurance & Compliance and Risk

  • 9.00am

Just in Time or Just in Case

  • Keith Paintin
  • 9.30am

Failure Modes are the DNA of Asset Management

  • William Goschnick
  • 10.00am

Asset Risk Assessment – a Tale of Two Water Utilities

  • Gary McLay, Western Port Water
  • Aaron Smith, Wannon Water
  • 10:30am

BREAK Morning Tea

Session 10C
Maintaining an Effective AM System

  • 11:00am

Driving Maintenance Excellence across Storm Surge Barriers: A TEAM2100 Case Study

  • John Fortin
  • 11.30am

A Review of Data Quality in Malaysian Public Sector Immovable Asset Management – Enhancing Value in Organisation Asset Management Strategy

  • Subri Suharizal
    Public Work Department Of Malaysia
  • 12.00noon

Proactive Approach to Asset Renewal in the Victoria Health Network

  • Jenny Zhang
  • 12:30pm


Session 11C
Technology Use in AM

  • 1.00pm

Smart Asset Monitoring: Using IOT sensor based, real time condition monitoring and control service to shift from reactive to preventative asset maintenance.

  • Sunjoo Kim
  • 1.30pm

Mobile fleet maintenance scheduling using a private LoRaWAN implementation

  • Bill Filmer
  • 2.00pm

Cloud Considerations for your Asset Management System

  • Mark Michael
    Bpd Zenith (aust) Pty Ltd
  • 2.30pm

How people can inspect assets & collaborate with colleagues in the age of lock downs, travel restrictions & working from home

  • Derek Feebrey
  • 3:00pm

BREAK Afternoon Tea

Session 12C
BIM & Digital Twin Challenge for AM

  • 3:30pm

From Design to Operate – Standardising the Digital Twin throughout the Digital Supply Chain

  • Jonathan Wilson
  • 4:00pm

How to design and build your Digital Twin

  • Bill Thomson
    GHD Digital
  • 4:30pm

Digital Twins everywhere, but where is my quick-start guide?

  • Julian Watts
  • 5:00



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