A novel and innovative approach to condition monitoring

Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational electric utility company, is using a combination of dogs and robots to monitor its solar plants. The company is employing specially trained dogs to detect and locate any potential faults in the solar panels at its facilities. The dogs are trained to identify the odour of overheating electrical components, which can help prevent fires and other safety hazards.


Industry 5.0 The Next Industrial Journey

Last week saw the Melbourne Chapter host another great event where delegates gathered to discuss industry 5.0, the next industrial journey, and what significant implications it may have on all of us.  In his presentation, Clive Moore posed the question ‘can you sue an algorithm?’ and prompted the start of an ongoing conversation that as a technical community we have vested interest in.


Free Event – Hybrid Asset Management Workshop

The Asset Management Council, Engineers Australia Gippsland Committee, and the Centre for Smart Analytics at Federation University present this free event for all guests on Thursday 6 April at 4pm AEST. This will be a hybrid event, with option for those to dial in remotely OR to attend in person at one of the following satellite hubs: Room Y243 Y Building Mt Helen campus Federation University and Room 2W263 Churchill campus Federation University (streamed)

Register for this free event at: www.amcouncil.com.au/federationuni


Join us for Virtual Coffee with the Maintenance SIG

Take a break, grab a coffee and connect with other asset management professionals in a virtual environment. Facilitated by AMCouncil’s Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management special interest group committee, you can

  • join the informal, free-flowing discussion;
  • meet other AMCouncil members; and
  • share experiences and find out how other asset managers are tackling current asset management challenges.