How are the Asset Management Council models connected?

At the highest level in the organisation, the Asset Management Concept Model describes the four principles of strategic asset management. These principles integrate asset management into management of the business and set the context in which executive leaders define the organisation’s objectives for assets.


Join Our Working Group: Approaches for the holistic assessment of climate event impacts’


In a world increasingly shaped by the unpredictable forces of climate change, the need for sustainable and resilient asset management has never been more critical. The Sustainability and Resilience in Asset Management (SRiAM) Special Interest Group is at the forefront of this challenge, and we are excited to announce an opportunity for Asset Management Council members to contribute to this vital field. We are calling for expressions of interest to join a new Working Group focused on “Approaches for the Holistic Assessment of Climate Event Impacts.” This initiative is not just a call to action; it’s an invitation to be part of a groundbreaking journey.


Help Shape the Future of AMCouncil’s Asset Management Framework

We are thrilled to announce that the AMCouncil is currently in the midst of reviewing its pivotal “Framework for Asset Management Document”. This document has been a cornerstone for many in the industry, and as we look to the future, we want to ensure it remains as relevant, comprehensive, and useful as ever. But to achieve that, we need something invaluable: your insights.