Explore the groundbreaking article on page 15 of the latest Asset Journal, “University of Melbourne Digital Estate Program: The Next Generation of Asset Management,” by Oskar Casasayas, Arka Ghosh, Tim Mumford, and Jade Germantis from Beca.

Learn how the University of Melbourne and Beca have teamed up to create BEYON, a digital twin of over 100,000 assets from 600+ buildings. This Digital Estate Program harnesses decades of asset data to provide university stakeholders with timely, actionable information. By following industry standards and leveraging digital twin technology and IoT, they’ve built an interactive digital estate that optimizes assets, improves decisions, and saves time, money, and emissions.

Discover how this innovative program enhances productivity, safety, and wellbeing, while also setting consistent standards for suppliers. The University of Melbourne is leading the way in digital transformation, supporting better outcomes in climate resilience, disaster management, and decarbonisation. A must-read for asset management professionals and industry leaders!

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