Standards Australia Digital Twin White Paper March 2023

Standards Australia have released a Digital Twin White Paper in response to identified challenges of digital twins in Australia.  The paper recommends actions that can support Australia’s journey to national Digital Twin advancement and global positioning and leadership. These recommendations cover the areas of leadership and governance, critical market enablers and a national pilot program to activate opportunities. 


Cyber Security & Asset Management Standards in the Australian Mining and Minerals Industry

Survey invitation – a study to expand awareness and promote best practice

Highly sophisticated cyber-attacks are proliferating at an alarming pace worldwide, yet some industries are exposed to higher risks than others. The nature of the mining industry, for instance, enhances the magnitude of risk as a cyber-attack could easily result in the loss of life.


Data and Decision-making

Data is a critical asset that can determine a business’s success, when integrated with asset management frameworks and appropriate tools.  

Given the amount of data available, it is easy for some organisations to feel overwhelmed. The challenges presented by data, particularly when attempting to move it from an afterthought to a critical facet of operations can be paralysing. The various tools available to assist in extracting data can sometimes only add to the sense of paralysis.


EoI sought for web based publication ‘An Interactive Guide to Asset Data Management’

Expressions of Interest sought. Be part of the web based publication – An Interactive Guide to Asset Data Management – Closes Friday 9th April

The Data in Asset Management special interest group is writing an interactive guidance document to support asset data management aligning to the Asset Management Capability Delivery Model and Asset Management System Model.  

The document is to be written by members for members capturing experiences and sharing stories, tips and tricks to assist practitioners around 10 key themes.


Digital Twin for Earth

The European Union’s ten-year initiative, Destination Earth, involves the creation of a digital twin of earth.
The highly accurate digital model of earth will map climate development and extreme events as accurately as possible in space and time. Observational data will be continuously incorporated into the digital twin to predict possible future trajectories. Information available from the earth’s twin will be used to: