A whitepaper released by SMS in 2023 provides some insights on leveraging AI.  Although written specifically for associations it has relevance to the Asset Management Sector and many of the AM Council’s members:

  • An Introduction to ChatGPT and AI. Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT, the functionalities available, and the transformative power of these technologies for the future.
  • How Industries and Professions will Evolve. A look at how the sectors associations represent will be impacted with insights into who will benefit, who is at-risk, and what new professions are emerging. It includes strategies associations can implement to help their members navigate their AI journey.
  • Adapting Your Organisation. The last section outlines the opportunities and challenges for organisations and associations in particular, provides examples of AI use within an organisation, and offers ten actions to kickstart an organisation’s AI journey.

Take a look at the whitepaper here: Navigating the AI Revolution: The Impact of AI on Associations and the Sectors They Represent