The winners of the Asset Management Council’s Asset Management Excellence Awards were announced during the AMPEAK Gala Dinner on Tuesday 16 April 2024. Below is the list of the winners in each category. Congratulations to all!

Asset Management Innovation Award
Downer, RTS Digital and FMT – Transforming Rail Inspections using Automated Technologies

The Train Examination System (TRES) and Rail Facility Drone (RFD) project is a collaboration between Downer Digital RTS and FMT. This project utilises specialised knowledge, epitomises a dedication to superior asset management practices. With Downer RTS Digital’s rich background in rail operations and FMT’s proficiency in autonomous inspection robotics, these innovations are crafted to meet the highest asset management standards. By strictly adhering to industry best practices, the collaborative efforts between Downer RTS Digital and FMT aim not only to enhance rail asset management but also to boost operational efficiency. Two pilot projects were completed, one in Dubai in March 2023 and the other in the Netherlands in April 2023.

TRES and RFD are designed with an end-to-end focus, ensuring inspections align with technical maintenance plans and inspection outcomes are seamlessly integrated into operational and maintenance management systems. Moreover, the partnership harnesses the combined expertise of Downer RTS Digital and FMT, encompassing technical, project, and product management skills tailored for the rail sector. Stringent testing and continuous system health monitoring uphold performance consistency and reliability. Additionally, the collaboration embraces the ethos of a learning organisation, incorporating feedback loops into the development process to drive ongoing enhancements based on user feedback and industry insights.

Asset Management Information Management Award
Ventia – The Metabase Interactive Dashboard

The Metabase is a digital solution to the “data rich, insight poor” problem, delivered through an interactive, visually pleasing dashboard that brings data to life. It visually represents data from multiple sources to create a consolidated picture of ADF estate to optimise capability, performance and sustainability.

It enables real time, big picture summaries supported by highly detailed data which can be filtered and formatted, enabling informed planning and decision making.

The dashboard’s interactive maps link to key ‘live’ estate works and estate appraisal data including:

  • Service orders
  • Extension of Time requests
  • Project deconfliction data
  • Asset replacement and estate condition recommendations
  • Asbestos maps
  • Building criticality and target vs assessment ratings
  • Remaining life estimates

Asset Management Cost, Risk, Performance Award
Transgrid – Use of Drone Technology for Transmission Line Inspections

Transgrid’s Asset Management and Maintenance teams are deploying Remotely Piloted Aircraft systems (RPAS) inspections, or drones, to inspect steel lattice towers, steel, and concrete poles across Transgrid’s transmission line network. This will revolutionise the way condition data is collected and managed. Up until now, our line workers collected detailed transmission line condition data by climbing approximately 6,500 structures across our network each year.

With advancements in drone technologies over the past decade, our Asset Management and Maintenance teams have determined that drone technology, based on cost, risk, and performance is the preferred way to capture detailed asset condition and defect information on concrete/steel poles and steel lattice towers.​

Asset Management Sustainability Award
Birdon – Decommissioning of ex-naval ship, the HMAS Sirius

Deploying a highly innovative end-of-life asset management solution, Birdon Group successfully addressed a challenge never before resolved in Australia; an environmentally controlled disposal of the largest maritime structure in Australia, ex-naval refuelling ship, the HMAS Sirius. | Utilising a world-first approach, Birdon efficiently decommissioned the vessel, in a hazardous environment while maximising safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Birdon recovered and recycled up to 99% of materials.

This project illustrates best practice end-of-life asset management principles, which can often be overlooked in the asset management life cycle. | By managing the disposal onshore, Birdon bolstered Australian capability in end-of-life asset management in maritime.

Asset Management Resilience Award
Endeavour Energy – Delivering Network Resilience

Thousands of Endeavour Energy customers have experienced historic impacts from escalating extreme weather events, including four major floods in the Hawkesbury Nepean River catchments within a 15-month window, and the unprecedented Black Summer bushfires.

Endeavour Energy has strategically addressed the impact of escalating, climate-induced extreme weather events on network performance and customers. Pioneering the concept of “resilience investment,” we formulated an industry-leading, end-to-end solution involving meticulous problem definition, collaborative workshops, customer engagement, and solution development; fostering alignment internally and externally.

This proactive strategy has commenced successful implementation, marking Endeavour Energy as an industry leader in resilient asset management.

Asset Management Safety Award
Rio Tinto – Primary Crusher Maintenance Optimisation

At the heart of the Primary Crusher Maintenance Optimization project are the people who maintain our assets and their safety. What started as a maintenance frames project, naturally became a holistic approach to safe performance of crusher maintenance in shutdowns. Delivering a suite of maintenance aids, innovative solutions, and structured rebuild methodologies, this Asset Management Operational Readiness project at Rio Tinto’s Guidai-Darri Iron Ore Mine embodies Rio Tinto’s core values of Care, Courage, and Curiosity. Driving innovation and continuous improvement in frontline shutdown management resonates with our company’s purpose: Finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs.

Asset Management Diversity Award
Babcock – Diversity in Asset Performance and Optimisation within Babcock Marine

Babcock’s Asset Performance and Optimisation Group (APOG) supports Babcock’s Asset Class Prime Contractor (ACPC) contract with the Amphibious Combat and Sealift System Project Office (ACSSPO). Our team employs innovative techniques and data analytics to deliver optimal capability outcomes for the Royal Australian Navy, whilst minimising Life Cycle Costs.

Our team comprises a range of experience from former serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, aviation, manufacturing, and graduates. We have diverse cultural backgrounds and live and work in various Australian states. The diversity of our team is underscored by the presence of members from nine nationalities within the APOG team.

Best Paper Award
Dr Herry Nugraha – How Asset Management Can Support the Energy Transition Agenda in PLN Indonesia

Best Student Research Poster Award
Ryan Snell, Federation University
Analysis of pressure sewer pump reliability for the Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme