AM Mindmap 2In these changing times, the Asset Management Council is contantly looking to offer alternative opportunities for you to keep participating in continuing professional development, and with this in mind we would like to introduce you to the latest addition to our services: the Asset Management Mindmap.


This interactive asset management learning tool is a visual representation of asset management and all it’s interconnected elements.

Starting with the central concept – Asset Management, of course! – work your way through the mindmap, learning and exploring the different sections that make up asset management, and earn badges as you go.

Earn your first badge and get started on Mindmap here.

How to use the Asset Management Mindmap learning tool:

  1. Make sure you log-in to your AMCouncil account in order to save your progress. As long as you are logged in, your progress will be saved automatically as you click through the tool.
  2. Click on nodes for further information about each one. Some nodes will provide more detail, some will prompt you to download a document, watch a video, some will take you to a webpage in a new tab.
  3. Once you have clicked a node, this will be greyed out to indicate you have already explored it.
  4. Sometimes the same node may appear on a different branch of the mind map.
  5. Click on the small circle iconexpand node icon next to nodes to expand/collapse each node.
  6. You will notice your progress bar growing as you click on nodes.
  7. Earn badges as you explore further into the mindmap. The more you explore, the more badges you will earn.
    • progress
  8. New items are being continuously added to the map and we welcome your suggestions. What else would you like to see included? Please email your input to the

Access the Asset Management Mindmap