Last night’s event, “Sydney – Back to Basics Asset Management on the Country Regional (Rail) Network,” was an enlightening journey through the complexities and strategies of managing the vast array of assets within the Country Regional Network (CRN). Hosted on 27 March, it was a session filled with invaluable insights, especially for professionals in the rail, infrastructure, and asset management sectors.

Luke Cunningham, the Head of Asset and Engineering at UGL Regional Lynx, led the session, sharing his profound knowledge and experience. With an impressive career dedicated to the rail industry, particularly within the NSW Country Regional Network, Luke’s expertise was evident as he described the scale of the CRN, the diversity of asset types and their ages, and the strategic thinking required for effective asset management.

The CRN is a testament to the complexity and necessity of innovative asset management strategies in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of regional rail services. Luke’s discussion highlighted the importance of understanding the vast range of asset types, from tracks to trains, and the unique challenges presented by their varying life cycles.

For those of us passionate about infrastructure and the critical role of railways in connecting communities, Luke’s insights were not just informative but inspiring. His dedication to improving work practices, developing maintenance strategies, and enhancing asset intelligence shines a light on the path forward for the industry.

A huge thank you to Luke Cunningham for sharing his expertise, to Ausgrid for the use of their venue, and to everyone who attended the event. The discussions and questions raised were a testament to the vibrant community we have in the rail, infrastructure, and asset management sectors. Let’s continue to share knowledge, challenge norms, and drive innovation in our fields.