Procurement professionals in the government sector understand that intentional procurement can lead to improved environmental sustainability. They are on the lookout for directions on how to apply government eco-friendly policies when acquiring infrastructure and overseeing construction. The “Pathway to Green Construction Procurement” published in August 2023 by APCC emphasizes five main pillars of environmental sustainability: energy, water, circular economy, biodiversity, and carbon emissions but does not delve into the social or financial aspects of capital ventures.

Although procurement experts are adept at incorporating environmental guidelines into their tasks, many crucial decisions affecting these guidelines are made well before the projects land on their desks. Such decisions often bind both the procurement specialists and construction firms to results that might not always be the greenest choice for the project. Due to this, many governmental bodies feel the sustainability standards applied during procurement often have limited effectiveness.

The Pathway document aims to address and resolve this issue. Download and take a look at the document here.