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Featured Content Includes:

πŸ”§ Technical Article: Linking Data Risks to Asset Performance to Enable Information Governance Decision Making
Explore how linking data risks to asset performance can enhance information governance and improve decision-making processes.

🏫 Technical Article: University of Melbourne Digital Estate Program: The Next Generation of Asset Management
Discover the innovative approaches being taken in the University of Melbourne’s Digital Estate Program, setting a new standard for asset management.

🚰 Technical Article: Developing a Risk-based Digital Asset Planning Tool for Waste/Wastewater Networks
Learn about the development of a risk-based digital asset planning tool designed to optimize waste and wastewater networks.

πŸ—οΈ Technical Article: Maintenance 4.0: Digitalisation of Maintenance Data in the Civil Engineering Industry
Find out how Maintenance 4.0 is transforming the civil engineering industry through the digitalization of maintenance data.

🌟 Star Profiles
Get to know some of the standout professionals in our industry.

πŸ“£ Chapter News
Stay updated with the latest news and events from our chapters.

πŸ“˜ AMPEAK Supplement
Dive into additional content with the AMPEAK Supplement, providing more insights and updates.

…and much more!

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