On 20 March, the Melbourne Chapter hosted an illuminating event on the transformative power of digital engineering in the Victorian transport sector: “Victorian Transport Digital Engineering – Transforming Our Asset Information.” This pivotal session marked a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionising asset information management and digital engineering practices within the Victorian Transport ecosystem.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Katie Kandelaars, Asset Information Requirements Lead at VTDE, DTP, for her comprehensive presentation. Katie’s insights into the VTDE transformation programme showcased the critical role of digital engineering in enhancing the lifecycle management of Victorian Transport assets. Her exploration of the Asset Information Requirements (AIR) stream highlighted the importance of establishing a consistent framework for asset data handover, ensuring seamless understanding and compliance across various stakeholders.

The event also shone a light on the complex challenges of defining requirements, refining business processes, integrating information systems, and managing change. These discussions underscored the intricate dynamics involved in navigating the stakeholder landscape and driving digital transformation within the Department of Transport and Planning.

The gathering of both new and familiar faces underscored the event’s success, demonstrating the growing commitment within our community towards embracing digital advancements.

As we anticipate future gatherings, we remain inspired by the discussions and connections forged during this event. Together, we are setting the stage for a hyperconnected ecosystem of digital engineering and asset information in Victoria.

Here’s to a future where innovation, collaboration, and transformation lead the way in the transport sector!