Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational electric utility company, is using a combination of dogs and robots to monitor its solar plants. The company is employing specially trained dogs to detect and locate any potential faults in the solar panels at its facilities. The dogs are trained to identify the odour of overheating electrical components, which can help prevent fires and other safety hazards.

In addition to the dogs, Iberdrola is also using robots to monitor its solar plants. The robots are equipped with cameras and sensors that allow them to detect any anomalies or defects in the solar panels. The robots can move around the solar panels autonomously and collect data on the performance of the panels, allowing Iberdrola to identify and address any issues quickly.

By using dogs and robots to monitor its solar plants, Iberdrola is able to ensure the safety and efficiency of its facilities while minimizing the need for human intervention. This approach also helps the company reduce its operating costs and improve its overall sustainability.

You can read more about this novel and innovative approach to condition monitoring here: https://www.pv-magazine.com/2023/03/20/iberdrola-using-dogs-robots-to-monitor-solar-plants/