Pathway to Green Construction Procurement – Best Practice Guidelines  

Procurement professionals in the government sector understand that intentional procurement can lead to improved environmental sustainability. They are on the lookout for directions on how to apply government eco-friendly policies when acquiring infrastructure and overseeing construction. The “Pathway to Green Construction Procurement” published in August 2023 by APCC emphasizes five main pillars of environmental sustainability: energy, water, circular economy, biodiversity, and carbon emissions but does not delve into the social or financial aspects of capital ventures.


ISO Net Zero Guidelines

At COP27, a groundbreaking initiative was unveiled, aimed at bridging the gap in our collective approach towards achieving a net zero world. For those who are ardently working towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions, be it for an enterprise, community, or nation, the journey can often seem muddled. With multiple interpretations and strategies centred around “Net Zero” clarity becomes a luxury.


Climate Risk Map of Australia

The Climate Council has developed a map that allows you to explore the risk profile of your suburb providing percentage exposure of properties to damage from a range of climate influenced hazards under three scenarios – low, medium, high risk.  Check how your property fits in this risk profile. Access the tool here.