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Webinar – How Asset Management Practitioners Assist Clients To Meet Their ESG Commitments

29 November, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Emissions reporting requirements are coming, and there will be no room on the sidelines for businesses that don’t know how to play.

As everyone upgrades their skills to meet these mandatory requirements, how will you stand out from your competitors? Our panelists/speakers will demonstrate how identifying and advocating for energy-efficient asset upgrades can put you ahead of the pack and ensure that you deliver genuine value to your clients.

They will also outline the process for diagnosing and mitigating your business’s emissions, ensuring that you remain a preferred supplier in the evolving carbon economy.


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About the speakers:

Luke Vaughan, PFM Head of Business Integrity Australia & New Zealand

Luke is Programmed’s Head of Business Integrity, with over 30 years of experience in the built environment. His roles and responsibilities have included asset management, commercial negotiations, estimation, as well as project and facility management for both comprehensive PPPs and pass-through contracts. He has managed teams accountable for the implementation and ongoing currency of ISO 55001 Asset Management System requirements, contract management, and asset management continual improvement processes. Additionally, he has tailored asset management support services for a diverse range of operational teams across Australia, helping to ensure that contract obligations are aligned with Legal & Risk, HSEQ, HR, Business Systems, Finance, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, National Service Centre, and Transition in/Out Transformation support streams. Luke’s project involvement spans various sectors, including Airports, Prisons, Schools, Universities, Aged Care, Commercial Accommodation, and Logistics Facilities.

Luke Konynenburg, Chief Executive Officer at Green Energy Trading and National Carbon Bank of Australia, Director at Green Energy and Carbon Management

Luke Konynenburg is an experienced and transformational CEO, known for his significant contributions to the renewables and environment industry. With a demonstrated history in this field, Luke has honed his skills in Business Planning, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy, distinguishing himself as a leader in sustainable practices. He is not only a strong business development professional but also adept in Agile Project Development and Lean Process Experience. Dedicated to shaping the future of environmental stewardship, Luke is committed to developing the sustainability leaders of tomorrow, guiding them through the complexities of the green economy with expertise and vision.

Arman Kianpour, PFM Strategic Reliability Asset Manager (Australia & New Zealand)

Arman Kianpour, the Strategic Reliability Asset Manager at Programmed Facility Management, is not only a qualified Asset Management Practitioner but also an experienced Reliability Engineer. With a diverse background spanning various industries, including oil & gas, road tunnels, and facilities, Arman brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His expertise extends beyond theory, as he has successfully applied asset management best practices in real-world scenarios. Arman is driven by a passion for translating these practices into tangible benefits, showcasing his commitment to delivering results through effective asset management strategies.