In a world increasingly shaped by the unpredictable forces of climate change, the need for sustainable and resilient asset management has never been more critical. The Sustainability and Resilience in Asset Management (SRiAM) Special Interest Group is at the forefront of this challenge, and we are excited to announce an opportunity for Asset Management Council members to contribute to this vital field. We are calling for expressions of interest to join a new Working Group focused on “Approaches for the Holistic Assessment of Climate Event Impacts.” This initiative is not just a call to action; it’s an invitation to be part of a groundbreaking journey.

The Urgency of Now

Recent climate events have demonstrated catastrophic consequences globally, affecting human safety, biodiversity, and infrastructure. These events have underscored the need for a more comprehensive approach to risk assessment in asset management, one that goes beyond traditional methods. The SRiAM’s new Working Group aims to address this by developing a discussion paper that will guide the industry towards a more holistic understanding of climate event impacts.

About the Working Group

This group will delve into leading practices for assessing climate-related hazard impacts, considering both direct and indirect consequences. The focus will be on fostering a broader, systems-thinking approach, recognizing the intricate web of interdependencies in our modern world. From supply chain vulnerabilities to long-term environmental effects, this group will explore the multifaceted nature of climate risks.

Your Role and Contribution

As a member of this Working Group, you will be instrumental in crafting a comprehensive insights paper titled “Approaches for Holistic Assessment of Climate Event Impacts.” This paper, spanning approximately 10 – 15 pages, will serve as a vital resource for the industry. Your commitment will involve:

  • Bi-weekly meetings (1 hour each)
  • Research and collaborative development of the insights document
  • Potential opportunities to present your findings at industry events

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for individuals with:

  • Experience in any phase of the asset lifecycle, particularly in risk management
  • Interest in evaluating and responding to climate-related risks
  • A systems thinking approach to problem-solving
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A positive, collaborative attitude

Governance and Support

The SRiAM SIG Committee, backed by the AMC Board, will oversee the Working Group, providing guidance and support throughout the project.


The project will span 6 months, starting from the first meeting in early February 2024.

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference? Click here to register your interest. Remember, the deadline for applications is Wednesday, 20th December 2023, at 5 pm AWST.

Contact Information: For any queries, feel free to reach out at

Best Regards, Mary Irwin Chair, Sustainability and Resilience in Asset Management SIG The Asset Management Council