Happy World Maintenance Day!

Happy World Maintenance Day! Today, we celebrate the first Global Maintenance Day, a day to promote and celebrate the value of maintenance in our lives.

We will be celebrating with a panel discussion webinar from our MRiAM (Maintenance & Reliability) special interest group of the AMCouncil. Register to be sent your link so you can dial in at 12pm AEST today to hear from the different experiences when it comes to maintenance of Tanya Viano, Shane Scriven, Craig Taylor and Akshay Athalye. What makes maintenance different to reliability? How do they intertwine? Each speaker will share their insights and a theme followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

We look forward to your company while we celebrate the very first Global Maintenance Day. Register for the session here.

A novel and innovative approach to condition monitoring

Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational electric utility company, is using a combination of dogs and robots to monitor its solar plants. The company is employing specially trained dogs to detect and locate any potential faults in the solar panels at its facilities. The dogs are trained to identify the odour of overheating electrical components, which can help prevent fires and other safety hazards.


Self healing cracked concrete for sewer pipes

“Water treatment sludge could be used to prevent 117,000 kilometres of sewer pipes in Australia from cracking in future, without any intervention by humans, helping to save $1.4 billion in annual maintenance costs.” To read about this world-first project led by University of South Australia sustainable engineering expert Professor Yan Zhuge click here.

When is Vibration Analysis Useful?

We are surrounded by vibrations in our daily lives and most of them results from the surrounding machines and technologies that are so prevalent our modern society.  Some vibrations are inherent in all equipment, but how much of it is due to normal operation and when does it become a problem?