Opportunity to Comment: Climate-related financial disclosure

The Federal Treasury Department has developed its Climate Related Financial Risks draft legislation. This work applies to some AMCouncil Members organisations, in particular the large organisations and large super funds initially, then will ramp up to respond to all entities captured under NGERS reporting scheme and other asset owners. Download the Policy Statement and Policy Impact Analysis documents which outline the proposed legislation.


Join Our Working Group: Approaches for the holistic assessment of climate event impacts’


In a world increasingly shaped by the unpredictable forces of climate change, the need for sustainable and resilient asset management has never been more critical. The Sustainability and Resilience in Asset Management (SRiAM) Special Interest Group is at the forefront of this challenge, and we are excited to announce an opportunity for Asset Management Council members to contribute to this vital field. We are calling for expressions of interest to join a new Working Group focused on “Approaches for the Holistic Assessment of Climate Event Impacts.” This initiative is not just a call to action; it’s an invitation to be part of a groundbreaking journey.


Call for Nominations to Board of Directors 2024

In accordance with Section 31 of its Constitution, an election is to be held for the Board of Directors of the Asset Management Council, for the term April 2024Ā – April 2027. Ā One member of the current Board of Directors is to retire at the AMCouncil 2024Ā Annual General Meeting andĀ is eligible to stand for re-election for the ensuing three-year term.