Connecting with Peers: Launch of the YAMP Catch-up Club

The Asset Management Council’s Young Professionals in Asset Management (YAMP) group is excited to announce the launch of the YAMP Catch-up Club, a new initiative designed to bring together young professionals in asset management. The club aims to facilitate informal gatherings, enabling members to meet in small groups locally for a variety of activities that suit their interests and schedules. Whether it’s going for a morning jog, grabbing a coffee, or engaging in a fun activity, the YAMP Catch-up Club offers a flexible platform for networking and relaxation.


Young AM Practitioner Stories

razvan chisu Ua agENjmI4 unsplashThe AMCouncil Sydney Chapter held a special webinar broadcast showcasing stories from some of the chapter’s young asset management practitioners. A summary of who was showcased follows, along with links to review their recorded presentations (AMCouncil members only, make sure you are logged in first before clicking on the links):


Young Asset Management Practitioner Wanted


Expressions of interest wanted for AMCouncil Melbourne Chapter YAMP Representative

The Melbourne chapter is seeking a highly qualified practitioner in asset management to serve as its Chapter Chair for the Young Asset Management Practitioners Group. The following credentials and qualities are desired:


YAMPs at AMPEAK 2014

Young Asset Management Practitioners (YAMPs) Session 2014

Tuesday 3rd June

YAMPs will benefit from the whole AMPEAK program and as part of the Asset Management Council’s ongoing commitment to encourage ‘the next generation’ to begin their asset management journey, this year’s conference program will again feature a YAMP-focused session.

The Young Asset Manager’s event planned for this year’s AMPEAK conference is aimed at providing some informative views to young engineers about the emerging practice field of Asset Management. There is currently only non institutional learning available for the complex world of Asset Management because it’s emergence as a Business function and multidisciplinary interaction to deliver the Asset Management outcomes are still under development. ISO 55000 series of Asset Management System Standards has raised the profile of Asset Management and potentially the interest in implementing the required structure and processes. The Asset Management Council offers this event to addresses some pressing questions about Asset Management requirements, career possibilities and options, success factors and associated challenges.

The event will be featuring the Perth Zoo, a very uniquely positioned case study in Asset Management. A Professional in the recruitment business for Asset Management provide an overview of the demand and current Asset Management landscape, other experiences come from Public works. Of course the host, Blake Huntley, will share his long experience in Asset Management as an ‘end to end’ business process.

Providing an environment for creating and deepening awareness of what contemporary Asset Management intends to achieve, giving insight into specific experiences sharing and achievements together with Networking with presenters and other interested young engineer is the aim of the forum.

The YAMP Session 2014

With direction from Blake Hunton, Facilities and Environmental Services, a tour of Perth Zoo will detail the infrastructure of the zoo and address the challenges that are faced to upgrade the facilities and incorporate renewable energy for a more sustainable future.

Asset management encompasses much more than mining, transport or oil and gas. A great example of an asset management microcosm is Perth Zoo. Opened in 1898 and home to 1,258 animals, it operates on a limited budget to improve the infrastructure of the existing site and has assets of varying ages. The Perth Zoo must ensure that the animals are housed and maintained (and do not escape), whilst providing education and entertainment to the general public.

This off-site visit will be followed by the YAMP Networking Evening at Crown Convention Centre.

Whether for the day or full conference program, please click here to download the Preliminary Program Brochure 2014, including information about registration.

About the Asset Management Council YAMP group

The YAMP group was established with the aim of supporting the younger generation of asset management professionals within Australia.  The group was setup as part of the Asset Management Council membership base in 2012 and continues to grow with support from the AM Council and its regional Chapters.

A YAMP is:

  • Interested in pursuing, or are presently in, an asset management related profession
  • Between the ages of 18 and 35
  • A current Asset Management Council member
  • Currently completing or has completed a tertiary (university or TAFE) engineering or asset management related qualification and / or discipline

Benefits for YAMPs

  • Being a part of developing your own strategy, in-line with the Asset Management Council vision, mission and strategic plan
  • Providing a voice to ensure the Asset Management Council delivers relevant support, knowledge and networking opportunities for younger members
  • Developing and participating in generational exchange activities (senior asset management professionals with young asset management professionals)

How to become a YAMP 

New Asset Management Council members:

When filling out your Asset Management Council membership application – online or membership form – tick the ‘Young Asset Management Practitioner’ box under Group Affiliation as well as choosing your local chapter affiliation.

Current Asset Management Council members:

Register your interest to be a YAMP by emailing the Young Asset Management Practitioner Chair – Ujwal Lakra, on


 We look forward to seeing you at AMPEAK 2014!


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