Online Asset MapDigital tools are becoming an increasingly beneficial element of asset management. Digital asset management can be approached in many different ways: an entire system designed from the ground up, or stand-alone tools that help diagnose when an asset needs maintenance or to provide alerts regarding breakdown and failure.

At Yarra Valley Water, a new online tool has been recently launched, making it easier for plumbers to have access to information regarding water and sewer assets.

The digital platform, PipeTracker, has been designed by Yarra Valley Water, after consultation with plumbers to understand what they really needed when out in the field. With over 7000 calls each year from plumbers seeking help with locating, diagnosing and resolving the issues, the new tool will make the job much easier.

Plumbers can access the tool on their mobile phone, eliminating the need for them to call the company while on site, and providing all the information necessary for that job, right in the palm of their hand. PipeTracker will enable plumbers to be able to fix issues. It also provides instant and detailed information about Yarra Valley Water assets1.

To view more about PipeTracker asset map, click here.

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