Data in Asset Management


Julian Watts

Associate Director KPMG

Data in Asset ManagementChair

Asset Data Management System Model

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Data in Asset Management News

Data and Decision-making

Data is a critical asset that can determine a business’s success, when integrated with asset management frameworks and appropriate tools.   Given the amount of data available, it is easy for some organisations to feel overwhelmed. The challenges presented by data,...

Digital Twin for Earth

The European Union’s ten-year initiative, Destination Earth, involves the creation of a digital twin of earth. The highly accurate digital model of earth will map climate development and extreme events as accurately as possible in space and time. Observational data...

Online Asset Map

Digital tools are becoming an increasingly beneficial element of asset management. Digital asset management can be approached in many different ways: an entire system designed from the ground up, or stand-alone tools that help diagnose when an asset needs maintenance...

Data Rich, Intelligence Rich!

Many businesses can find themselves overwhelmed with data. Asset managers can also feel inundated with data. Collating vast amounts of data into asset registers or folders is one way to store and protect the valuable information. But without linking into an asset...