Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management

Chair – Tanya Viano

Committee: Akshay Athalye, Ian Bradley, Ernst Krauss, Allan Little, Lachlan MacLean, Graham Piggott, Shane Scriven, Kecheng Shen, Daniel Song, Glen Strike, Craig Taylor, and Chris Young


Held annually in collaboration with Federation University, the RAID event is a series of virtual presentations by final year students undertaking maintenance and asset management research projects as an opportunity to share their research and findings with Industry and for Industry to find out what is happening with the latest research and how this can be applied to your organisation. Click below to enjoy past year’s RAID presentations:

Past MRiAM Webinar Series

MRiAM News

A novel and innovative approach to condition monitoring

Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational electric utility company, is using a combination of dogs and robots to monitor its solar plants. The company is employing specially trained dogs to detect and locate any potential faults in the solar panels at its facilities. The...

Self healing cracked concrete for sewer pipes

"Water treatment sludge could be used to prevent 117,000 kilometres of sewer pipes in Australia from cracking in future, without any intervention by humans, helping to save $1.4 billion in annual maintenance costs." To read about this world-first project led by...

Webinar presenters sought for work management sessions

The Maintenance and Reliability Special Interest Group of the Asset Management Council (MRiAM) are putting together a webinar series for November on Maintenance Work Management. We plan to have the first session give a general overview of what maintenance work...